Dream-Engine - a powerful 2D games engine

The Dream-Engine is a free open source engine to create HTML5 games. It's made for HD graphics, touch and gamepad compatibilities.
The logic of this engine try to let you do what is interesting and manage for you all the boring stuff.
The Dream-Engine is a very good engine to write a finished and professional game, with good performances. And it'll work well everywhere (starting n IE9).

It's not a "button click software" or a library with all logic included, you have to know programming and algorithms. You'll focus most of the time on game-logic, visual-polish and content while the engine will take care of compatibilities, screens sizes, audio, loadings, inputs, etc.

The main focus on the engine was made on the core engine first, with micro-middle-wares (like inputs, renderers), and now it's very simple to create plugins, advanced tools, editors, logics... I add constantly new stuff and anyone can do it too.

Today after several games made with this engine, it's ready and we can start fixing bad stuff, doing a better doc, and adding more plugins and samples to get faster and faster.

Here's the Dream-Engine's website

And the Github