Released Games


A versus arcade game mixing Pong and Shoot'em up


Discover a platform with an android and a nasty AI in a space-station.

Eat This Cake

If you like cakes, candies and puzzles this game is definitively for you.

Finger-Rocket - Demo

Protect your planets from asteroids with different kind of rocket-towers, you can also control directly rockets!
Can you play with all your fingers at the same time?

Prototypes, small games and alpha versions

Everyone in the Dreamirl team do a lot of gamejams like "Ludum Dare" or "Global Game Jam".
Sometimes a prototype or jam game can be really fun and for this reason it's important for us to grant access to our prototypes for everyone.
Please this list can be outdated quite quickly because we do a lot of prototypes, for this reason we can suggest you to go on Inateno's blog, which is the main programmer at Dreamirl (and you'll probably find other interesting stuff about gamedev).