Nebula is a free, cross-devices, entertainment platform.
Discover a new way to get and play your games, across any device and platform.
One account for rule them all; say thank to data save synchronization in cloud.

No fee, it's like you like

Nebula is like the other gaming stores / portals. You get your game and you can play it.
There is free games, paid games, online games with a fee and f2p games.

Games across devices

You ever wanted to continue a game in the bus, on your smartphone or portable games console ? And being able to resume on your computer or lounge console later ?
This is the objective of Nebula. No distinction between constructors and systems.
Thanks to HTML5 this is "technically" possible.
Today we have to negotiate with each constructor/systems to make this possible at 100%!
(the system is already working with a browser, no matter which system/console is it, and with the executable version of Nebula it's working on Windows/Linux/Mac. Next step is consoles).

Currently in Beta

Nebula is in constant evolution, but HTML5 is still new and we decided to keep the beta.
You can try Nebula here