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  • Crowd-design : You decide what we create
  • Crowd-Funding : You only contribute if you want to
  • Unlimited Access : Pay once, get all games
  • Cross-Platform : Games will be available on all platforms that have access to a web-browser

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The "Dreamirl" project

Dreamirl is a project inspired by a team of young people passionate about video games.
The idea was to create the best possible deal for players, and here are a few things we noticed :

  • Being able to interact with the developpement of the game
  • Being able to help developers to make what they love for people who love them
  • Being able to play all the games of a studio for ever and pay only at the beginning
  • Access to multiple games on multiple platforms and devices with only slight changes between each one of them

Obviously, we had to come up with a solution that didn't show any obvious drawback on our part because we are indie, and we intend to remain that way.

After some time, we came up with the idea of "Crowd-funding" + "Crowd-design".
The Dreamirl's goal is to create a platform with games that are accessible from any devices with a web-browser.
After games are created, we keep working on them following what the community wishes to see, and developping accordingly.

How it works

As a gamer, you can simply get on the platform, and play free games or demos without registration. If you wish to, you can register an account giving you the ability to use the multiplayer system as well as the saving system (and all of that still for free).
If you want to buy a game you have 2 ways. The first is to buy the game as always by having an account and pay with paypal. The second way is to buy an access pack that will give you ALL our games FOR EVER (aka those which are not released yet).

Now, what do you do if you come up with a great idea for a game ?
If at any moment you become a fan of a certain game or idea, you can buy "DreamPoints" then you create your idea using some of the "DreamPoints" you got, we then go over it and check if it is doable (if we do not understand some parts of it, we will contact you for further questions) and then, it will end up on display on the website.

At this point, your idea can be supported by any other user registered on the site, and if it reaches a certain goal, it automatically turns into a "valid" state on the site.
Following the validation, we're then in charge of giving life to your idea, implement it into the game, and make it available for the whole world to play it !

When it this due ?

The platform is actually on Closed Alpha stage. We will release the Open Beta at the end of November 2014, but we need all the support we can get now ! Each and every person who takes up some of its free time to support us, encourage us, like us on Facebook, leave us feedback or anything like this will only make us even more motivated to finish this project and hopefully make it last and grow with you !

You can already play the first few games we made for free, and we are currently trying to improve them as fast as we can. We are obviously open to any early suggestions, ideas and feedbacks to make it better. You can either do this via Facebook or Twitter, or even send us an email at contact[ at ]dreamirl[ dot ]com

If you have great ideas, we will make great games !

The "Dream-Engine"

To be able to make games efficiently, we created an engine that meets our needs, which allows us to quickly create games without duplicating what has already been done.
This Game Engine is Open Source, but it is not as easy to use as "GameMaker" or "Construct" for example, it requires some programming skills.
The purpose of this engine is to provide developers with a straight up experience to create games easily, and submit them to us so that their creations can be made available on our website.
Any Game created by the community can make it to our Games List and will be improvable by the community itself the same way our own games are improvable : using the "DreamPoint" system.
Learn more about the Dream-Engine

The project really started during April 2012. We are a team of young, crazy and passionate people, and we intend to remain that way.

The Dreamirl team is growing fast, big projects require big teams, and it is for this reason that we cannot hire openly. We need to keep a certain organisation amongst our teams, and it requires a lot of works overall. If you happen to be very interested in joining us, be sure to let us know ;)

You can find us on hacktaons and jams as it is a very good way to keep us motivated and to keep us working as hard as possible.

nb : Ordered by date of arrival - the position of a person does not represent his level of skills. Everyone is important, remember it !

Inateno aka "Red"

Dreamirl's Founder, CEO and CTO

Fangh le Pirate

Dreamirl's Co-founder, Lead Game Designer

Emma dites Nemo

Dreamirl's Co-founder, Events manager and Communication


Dreamirl's Co-founder, CAO

Ephemeral Kid

Composer and Sound Designer

A few occasions led us to work with some people that aren't part of the team, for instance during jams, or simply because they enjoy doing so, but we wanted to thank them for their contribution and support, so here they are :

  • Leila Chihab - A game artist that often assists us - she works on many projects with us
  • Marie Vilain - A junior sound designer that composed melodies for us during some jams
  • Bastien Ferras - We got in contact with him during the first z-Tech production. He made the French Voices for it (haha poked)
  • Shocoben - Native programmer - He helped us for a long time. He is a badass algorithm maker.
  • Baowave - FX illustrator
  • Seyhant Hies - Illustrator, Artist - He made Biocarnage and Ayera graph
  • Mainmin - This person is the greatest beta tester you can wish for. He's been here since the beginning, and is still here as of today's date, so just thank you !

Privacy policy

Dreamirl don't save any of your datas and don't share it with others entities.

We use a Google Analytic tracker, so some datas about your navigation are saved and sended to google. Our online games use this tracker to but our games hosted on stores (like Microsoft Store, Android, etc..) don't.

This section will be updated when the service will be up.

We are always open to any suggestions, good or bad, or any feedback, partnership or anything related to the Dreamirl Project. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
By email: contact[ at ]dreamirl[ dot ]com

Immediate multiplayer fun

In this game, you can play with your friends or against the computer.
Make some big precise fire or a firing rain!




Play this nervous arcade game with your friends. Easy to learn, hard to master !


Stab your friends and say "Thank you"

Bio-carnage is a procedural multiplayer dungeon crawler.
Shoot with the arrow keys and use ZQSD or WASD to move.
Early-alpha, no multiplayer, no advanced features, stay in touch.




Can you reach the core of the infested starship ? A totaly random new dungeon each play.


Choose-your-own runner

Tribal run is a runner where every types of platform has a new mechanics.
Try no gravity, fly between walls, run upside down...
Play with your friends on keyboard, with gamepads, or touch device.
Beta release!




Wich one will make the better run ?
play with your friends up to 4 !


Spaceship Conundrum

In z-Tech you have to go through many rooms in a spaceship. Every room is a puzzle.
Warning ! There are somes lasers and a vicious AI.
Our first game, play it with keyboard.




Help Miko the android to recover her memory in this puzzle-platforme game.


Weight War 1

In this 2D Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.
You have to manage your weight to improve your speed and your vitality.
Play it online with any device and any of your friends!
Early-alpha closed version, stay in touch



Sugar Fight

A 2D MOBA about sugar and candies.
Manage your weight to improves your stats.


Good old time sh'mup

Ayera will be a shoot em up with some modern gameplay.
We think that the future is multiplayer, so we surely add this in Ayera.
Play it with gamepad, touch device or keyboard.
Is a project, coming soon.




Discover a new shoot'em up genre with a big multiplayer gameplay.


Pocket pet

Doudutsu is a tamagochi that you will care anytime.
If you like strange and very sweety animals, this is Doudutsu. You'll be able to make little contest against your friends.
Is a project, more coming soon.




Doudutsu is a funny tamagochi with multiplayer features.


Not cooking but eating!

And if cakes were alive ?
Explore the inside of cakes and eat them all in this crazy boulder dash!



Eat this Cake

You like cake ? You like eat ? This game is for you


Finger in the noise

Finger-Rocket is a ciruclar tower defense, protect your planets in the space, against asteroids rains and some other.
Don't forget you canc ontrol your missiles with your fingers!
Early-alpha avalaible now!




A circular tower defense, protect your planet against asteroids