In time immemorial, seven deities united to shape the land that is known today as Noreya. The power of the Seven was such that Men, out of respect but also out of fear, worshiped them. It happened, however, that some Men strayed from the path, bringing out what was most treacherous in them. From this malice were born new deities gaining their powers from the servitude of their subjects.

In the kingdom of Lemia, land of the primordial goddess of Light, there are recurring famines. The desire for wealth by its poor inhabitants has benefited the god of Avarice who promised an end to their misery. The god that everyone now calls the "God of Gold" transformed all his followers into shapeless and tormented creatures: the golden shadows. Lemia, once so bright, now gives way to a devastating greed.

Kali is a huntress who once suffered from the malice of a god. Having caught wind of rumors about the God of Greed, vengeance drove her to take up arms again. She is now heading for the City of Gold.

The Goddess of Light will seek to take advantage of Kali's arrival, offering her help by sharing some of her powers. But depending on her actions, Kali will gradually be able to be corrupted by the Gold as well, and considerably increase her power.

At every moment in her adventure, Kali will have to choose between Light or Corruption.

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Explore a corrupted world

In Gold Project you have to face the golden shadows, minions of the god of Avarice. With a wide range of attacks and abilities, choose how you want to defeat your opponents. At any time, you can direct your character towards Light or Corruption: be exclusive to the point of becoming extremely powerful, or change your allegiance in order to benefit from both types of gameplay!

Progress in the city of gold in a non-linear way and unlock new abilities. Alternate between platforming and combat in each unique areas with a multitude of epic bosses to fight against.

Will you resist the call of gold?

The heart of Gold Project lies in its Light and Corruption system. We want to give you the opportunity to choose your path and how it will impact the gameplay, the level-design and the story. When certain enemies are having their last breath, you will have to choose between the "Path of Corruption" or the "Path of Light"

The "Path of Corruption" will make you profane your opponent by destroying and absorbing its soul while at the same time obtaining the gold which corrupted them. This will unlock new abilities specific to this path. Going in this direction will drastically reduce your "Light" gauge while making your enemies tremble at the sight of your unbounded strength.

The “Path of Light” allows you to purify your opponents and your beneficence improves your gauge of light, giving you access to new skills specific to this path. Staying in the "Path of Light" will bring redemption to the souls trapped in the shadows

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