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Gaming and Multimedia development studio

Expert JS

Dreamirl is a multimedia development studio, our team can do any kind of project from the ground.
JavaScript is our playground but not only!
We master many technologies and we continue to improve and inovate.
Our expertise is at the service of your projects and we offer you suitable solutions.

Our main technologies

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Our main subjects

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Game art, 2D/3D and UI

Our team can be involved in any creative process, from concept-arts to final 3D rendering.
We are speciallized in real-time.

3-Jurassic snap
4-concept art
5-Jurassic snap

XR: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Since the very beginning of the VR and AR era, our team members have been experimenting with many technologies.
We believe today the XR world is way more affordable to the many and is safer for shipping projects.
You want to create a game, a serious-game or an experiment?
We can help you creating it as we have the experience and the hardware.

Our Projects

Jurassic Snap image
Jurassic Snap
A VR Game about taking pictures of dinos in a wild environment
Pongarena image
Choose your ship, your pilot and fight against players in futuristic arenas
Hexamaster image
A storytelling game with cards following the work of Darwin accross space
PokemonGO image
A web and mobile crowd-sourced map for the game PokemonGO
z-Tech image
A 2D platformer following the android Miko trying to save a space station

They trust us

Looking for an awesome team to help you building your product?
Let's keep in touch!

Our Team

We are always looking for new talents to join us.
If you are looking for a job opportunity or an internship, drop us a message and let us know how awesome you are 🦄

Photo of Antoine Rogliano

Antoine Rogliano


Photo of Mikaël Fructuo

Laurent Lorenzo

Sound Director & Designer

Photo of Gaëlle Fucito

Gaëlle Fucito

Assistant producer

Photo of Simon Pagé

Simon Pagé

Versatile Game Engineer

Photo of Cédric Recol

Cedric Recol

Versatile Game Designer

Photo of quentaing

Quentin Mallen

Versatile Game Engineer

Photo of Thomas Robinet

Thomas Robinet

Game Artist

Photo of Baptiste Pegeault

Baptiste Pegeault

Game Artist

Photo of Romain Vincent

Romain Vincent

VFX Artist

Photo of Hugues Laborde

Hugues Laborde

2D Animator

Photo of Emma

Emma Maynard

Concept Artist

Photo of Maxime

Maxime Pizzolitto

Security Engineer

Photo of Tom

Tom Rouet

Game Engineer

Photo of Kelly

Kelly Cohen

Game & Narrative Designer

Photo of maxime 2

Maxime Quennehen

Game Engineer

Photo of victor

Victor Alari

Game Engineer

Photo of Dorian

Dorian Bessière

Game Engineer

Working with or at Dreamirl

Dreamirl is a gaming and multimedia studio created in 2018.
For a better lifestyle management and more flexibility, we work mainly in remote.
The credo of the studio is to make things serenely without sacrificing the essentials, work less but better, good rest means good creativity.
We are a complete agile team, using scrums and kanban style, but can quickly adapt to anything new.
Our team is working collaborativly between each team members and clients, and we give priority to communication and relationship.